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《Okura Art China・・・ about》
Okura Art China was the forebear of the famed Morimura-group of companies such as Noritake, TOTO, N.G.K., and INAX and it was established in 1919 in the suburb of Kamata in Tokyo by Magobei Okura and his son Kazuchika.
Currently,Okura Art China has its headquarters in Totsuka,Yokohama-city.Ever since its foundation, Okura Art China has continued to create chinaware in line with the dictum of its founder,Magobei Okura ”A china as beautiful as that anywhere".
As the finest quality chinaware available in Japan, Okura chinaware is not only a long-established favorite of the Japanese Imperial Household, it also features prominently at government banquets with visiting heads of state and other important dignitaries.Often appreciated as "Sevres Blue, Okura White" ,it is its intense white color, porcelain hardness, and velvety surface that makes the chinaware of Okura Art China unrivalled in Japan for dinnerware.

~Okura Whiite~
Since its foundation, Okura Art China has prodused masterpieces based on its corporate philosophy of producing the finest chinaware.
One such masterpiece, created in its earliest days, is "Thin Carved Phoenix Bowl".
In order to create pure white porcelain, a great deal of high quality kaolin is used in our products.
Okura has also developed excellent techniques which have contributed to the creation of chef-d' oeuvre.
Glost firing at an exceptionally high temperature of 1460℃ is one such example.
大倉陶園 カップソーサー
Some of Okura Art China's productsare embossed with designs in gold.
Designs in relief are stamped onto the surface of soft ceramic piece by pressing it with a roller.Glaze is then applied to the piece to cover the relief before being put in the kiln.After being fired,gold is applied on the designs and the piece is fired for a third time.As this ornamental technique is extremely delicate and complex, it requires a great deal of skill.
Okura Art China believes this technique is an important asset cannot be imitated by other companies.
大倉陶園 エンボス
大倉陶園 モーニングカップ
Okura Art China has developed various new techniques and has sought to realize unique beauty to "make the finest works of art" based on the dream of Magobei Okura, the founder of the company.One such technique is lacquering which brings out deep color and luster to our chinaware.Powder paint is sprinkled onto the surface of a piece after being lacquered and it is rubbed delicately with a piece of cotton cloth.The lacquering technique is Okura Art China's secret and unique technique and is highly praised around the world.
~Cobalt Blue Patterns / Gold Lines~
Flames in the kiln bring out mysterious color in Okura Art China's chinaware.
With our unique technique, cobalt blue patterns are painted on already fired white cups and they are fired again at a high temperature oh 1460℃.
In the kiln, the cobalt blue paint blends smoothly with the overglaze which softens the finish and adds beautifl depth to the design.
The handles and the edges are hand-painted in gold, adding beautifl glitter to white porcelain cups.
大倉陶園 手描きカップソーサー
Okura Art China's cups and plates are hand-painted based on the delicate techniques of Japanese-style painting which allows artists to draw design in various tones and colors.
You could almost smell the sweet scent of fresh-looking flowews in bloom and the minute brushwork would take your breath away.
We have handpicked first-class artists, who take great care in creating and adding artistic value to our dinnerware.
~Hand Paint Befor Greazing~
大倉陶園 カップソーサー
As in the method of painting traditional chinaware, cobalt blue paint is applied to a piece of porcelain after biscuit firing.
The piece is then glaze-fired.
Since it is fired at a high temperature, it absorbs the paint and becomes elegant and clear in color.
~Azure Color / Etching~
Cobalt blue paint is applied evenly on glazed white ware and fired for a second time.
This process is similar to the above-mentioned method of painting cobalt blue paint melts with the overglaze to give a glossy and deep blue color to the porselain.
Some Okura Art China products are created through a process of sandblast etching.
sand is blasted at a piece oh porcelain thorough a stencil mask to abrade its surface and carve a design in relief.Gold is then applied to the porcelain befor firing.
As a result of masking and abroading, a beautiful motif will appear with different shades of gold.


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