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One use chopsticks casually. Chopstick is very important in Japanese lifestyle. Japanese chopstick made the history and Japanese table etiquette. Chopstick culture fosterd the Japanese food which very delicate and 3-dimensional. One should reconsider the value of using chopsticks.
How to hold chopsticks
Place the bottom chopstick in between the tip of ring finger, thumb and pointing finger and hold it firmly. Then hold the top chopstick with thumb, pointing finger and middle finger with these three fingers move the top chopstick and pick the food.

The don'ts of using chopstick
1. Do not more around chopstick from one dish to another. This is a sign of ‘Greedness’.
2. Do not dig in the food to take what you like instead of taking it from the top.
3. Do not move around the chopstick above the dishes while thinking what to eat.
4. Do not take the food and not eat it and leave the chopstick dowm.
5. Do not stick the chopstick in the food.
6. Do not let the soup drip from the tip of chopstick.
7. Do not push in food into mouth while you still have food inside the mouth.
8. Do not pull the dish towards you with chopstick.
9. Do not point onother with chopstick/
How many did you know?
In order to enjoy meal is using chopstick in a decent way. The way you use chopstick shows your personality.
The parents repeated inculcate becomes child's habits.
Dinner table is the best place where the child learns from thire parents wouldn't you reconcider the use of chopstick.


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